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The best inkjet printers for color labels in Epson ColorWorks C600 series

If you’re looking for a high quality, dependable, industrial inkjet label printer: the C6000 series is your ideal solution. These printers are designed for demanding applications and are perfect for high-volume on-demand printing.

The ColorWorks C6000 series color inkjet label printers

There are four different printers in the C6000 series. Two come standard with auto-cutters and the other two are print and peel models. The C6000s produce 4” wide labels, and the C6500s produce 8” wide labels.

ColorWorks CW-C6000A and CW-C6000P

The C6000A and C6000P printers produce labels at up to 5” per second. They produce wonderfully crisp images and sharp texts.

The CW-C6000A/P is designed to accommodate remote printer management, and seamlessly integrate with your current workflow.

One of the advantages of using the C6000A is the auto-cutter it comes with. This enables you to create labels of varying lengths, as you can cut labels of different length sizes. Which also allows for separate jobs to be carried out easily.

The CW-C6000P is a print-and-peel printer. It removes the need for a loose loop. Moreover, it enables single labels to be used straight after printing. With the Epson ColorWorks ink, the labels are water, chemical, and smudge resistant.

ColorWorks CW-C6500A and CW-C6500P

These are similar to the CW-C6000 with the notable exception that they can print wider format labels up to 8” wide. In fact, other than that, it offers the same speed, reliability, and seamless integration that the CW-C6000 does.

Difference between print-and-peel and auto-cutter

A print-and-peel printer doesn’t come standard with an auto-cutter. Therefore, if you’re creating sticker labels for products, then a peel-and-present function is ideal to integrate into an existing print-and-apply production line. Whereas an auto-cutter is ideal for cutting a wide variety of roll-based media.

Why the Epson ColorWorks C6000 series are some of the best inkjet printers for color labels

These desktop printers are the ideal solution for businesses. The ColorWorks C6000 series has superior utility and is far more convenient than ordering and storing pre-printed labels. Not only is it more convenient it is also more cost-effective.

To print only what you need, as you need, is far better than buying a bulk batch of labels without knowing how many you’re going to need. This is especially true in the food industry where regulatory labeling changes could render pre-printed unacceptable. The intuitive design and engineering of these printers’ means they can integrate with almost any operating software. Which is advantageous as it minimizes the amount of setup time once you receive the printer.

Epson ColorWorks C6000 series from ForeFront Label Solutions

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