Portable Industrial Label Printers
Mobile Labeling Solutions with Portable Industrial Printers
Portable industrial printers, also referred to as label makers, are designed for clients that require on-the-go label printing. These printers are mobile, compact and easy-to-use. They are able to print on various types of material including magnetic tapes, shrink tubes, industrial tapes, vinyl tapes, self-laminating tapes, receipts and many other medias.

These materials are durable and have a strong adhesive to resist harsh environments and reduce fading of the labels. They can be used to print identification and marking labels for various industries such as healthcare, electrical, construction, transportation, etc.

Applications for portable industrial printers
Portable industrial printers have a wide variety of applications; these include, wire and cable labeling, pipe marking, barcodes, inventory management, and equipment labels. Portable industrial printers offer a high level of versatility in the features they provide, as they can be connected to other devices through wireless LAN or Bluetooth.

Clients are able to import designs or datasheets from their computer directly onto the printers, and there is also a compatible label editor software that allows clients to further customize their designs.

The advantage of this is you can customize and print labels as and when you need them, rather than having to send designs of, and go through the whole back and forth process. It also means you won’t need to worry about stocking up on labels only for something to change and the whole batch to be wasted.

What to look for when buying a portable industrial label printer
Industrial portable label printers are designed to be tough and have a lot of excellent features to print labels efficiently and quickly. This often means they are not tethered to another computer or machine. Which usually means either ethernet connection or USB ports.

Key features
The most common features of good portable industrial label printers include:

Armored jacket to protect from bangs or drops in the field.
More durable than general or office grade label printers.
Battery operated: these are usually rechargeable batteries.
Keyboard functionality on the unit.
Easy to use ribbon and label cartridges for multiple uses.
Hotkeys are the buttons on the portable industrial printer which have been assigned set templates to assist in repetitive data entry. The most common uses of hotkeys include:

Face plate labels.
Cable wraps (rotate, repeat, self-lam).
Patch panel labels.
Cutters on portable printers aren’t optional—that is, if it doesn’t have one when it comes off the factory line, you cannot add it later. So, if you need a portable printer with a cutter feature, you will need to make sure it has a cutter when comes from the factory.

Common features for portable label printer cutters include:

Manual operation (plastic lever)
Automatic cut action
Supplies available for portable industrial printers
The brand of portable industrial printers is important to determine which media will be available you to use. By using industrial grade portable label printers, you are ensuring you receive the greatest variety of media in the widest range of colors and sizes.

Types of labels offered with portable industrial printers include:

Magnetic labels.
Self-lamination wire wraps.
Standard adhesive labels.
Industrial adhesive labels.
Heat shrink sleeve labels.
Portable Industrial Printers from Epson
ForeFront Label Solutions offer a range of Epson LabelWorks PX industrial label printers to suit a variety of business requirements. Most portable industrial printers from Epson include:

USB cable
Label editor software
Owner’s manual
Lifetime warranty
AC adaptor
1 tape cartridge
We also sell the necessary labels and tapes for these Epson printers making us your one-stop-shop for all your industrial label printer needs.

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