Automatic Label Counters

For any organization in any industry, manual label counting is a tedious and time-consuming task. It requires a significant amount of effort and attention to detail. Counting labels by hand can also result in errors, requiring you to start over.

Investing in reliable equipment such as an automatic label counter will help you count labels more accurately and efficiently. Additionally, using a label counting machine to automate this operation will speed up the process and free up employee’s time. As a result, you can improve your work effectiveness and boost production performance by transitioning from manual label counting to automatic label counters.

What are Label Counters?

Label counters provide a convenient solution to count the number of labels on a roll. Reel-to-reel label counters allow you to verify the exact quantity of labels on the roll accurately. It uses gap sensor detection between each label to provide a consistent and accurate measurement. A missing label detection is also available on some models, identifying a missing label with extreme precision. When the system detects a missing label, it will notify the user of its exact position.

Label counters are valuable equipment during the label application process as they are fast and accurate. They also help to eliminate the possibility of errors. Businesses that rely on counting labels for inventory management will benefit from automating the process.

What are the Benefits of Label Counters?

  • Increase accuracy of label counting by eliminating the possibility of human error. As a result, the likelihood of errors from manual label counting is higher than the automatic label counting process.
  • Label counters are fast and will speed up the label counting process immensely.
  • Improve inventory control management and reduce overhead by reducing time spent by employee counting labels.
  • Pre-set count setting option allows the ability to stop at a defined number of labels.
  • Additional options including making large label rolls into smaller ones or to a pre-set count, reposition the direction of labels as they come off the roll, and use variable core sizes to accommodate various label printers and label application equipment.


Buy Affordable Label Counters in Canada Online

Electronic label counters are becoming an essential tool for the printing and label application process. A label counter for businesses helps increase productivity, speed up the label counting process, minimize errors, and reduce overhead costs. ForeFront Label Solutions provides a range of high-quality label counters that are affordable and reliable. In addition, our knowledgeable team can help you find label equipment that is suitable for your application.

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DPR Label Counter CE111

Original price was: $2,949.00.Current price is: $2,695.00.
The function of label counters is to count the labels on a roll, to rewind and unwind the labels on

DPR Label Counter with Missing Label CLM111

Original price was: $3,349.00.Current price is: $3,095.00.
The “CLM” model has the same features as the “CE” model with the option to stop when the sensor detects

DPR Small Reel to Reel CSR111

Original price was: $2,049.00.Current price is: $1,845.00.
The “CSR” model is a small reel to reel able to rewind your rolls of labels with the option “label